Considerations when using United Record Pressing

  1. Suggested Times for United Record Pressing
    These time suggestions are taken from United's order forms. We have cut longer times, and United has pressed them, but they have informed us that they cannot be held responsible for records that are longer than these times.
    Time per Side
    Size33-1/3 rpm45 rpm

  2. Damage to Stampers
    Although my plater covers stampers from breakage up to the first 1000 records on the first run, United has been breaking stampers at an alarming rate. We can no longer cover stampers used at United for more than 500 records. Therefore, the choices for runs of over 500 records pressed through United are:
    1. Have the mother plates sent to United. If they break the stampers, they may make new stampers from the mothers.
    2. Have United handle the plating. This would reduce your price to Aardvark by the plating fee as only the mastering and shipping charges would apply. You must state you are using United for plating on your order form. Aardvark will still cover mastering issues, but will not cover any additional plating charges incurred.
    3. Be advised that United will not keep your stampers or mothers for more than 6 months. After that, they may be discarded. A re-order will require a complete re-master. If United has your mothers, please have them returned to you so you can have them for future re-orders.
  3. Samples and Copyrighted Material
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