Transco Products is now owned by Apollo Masters, and re-located to California

Transco Products

the new generation...

Polished Plates
Transco is a worldwide leader
in the production of master recording blanks.
Since 1947 our family business
has continuously offered the responsive, personalized service
expected by disc cutting engineers.
Today, a second generation is totally dedicated
to producing the highest quality
disc mastering lacquers.

Coated Plates
Committed to excellence in:

Raw Materials Selection
Quality assurance
Audio performance
Customer Service

Coated Plates
Raw material selection
The highest grade of flat, smooth aluminum and a proprietary lacquer formulation are skillfully combined to produce the finest recording blank obtainable. This aluminum is treated to guarantee the proper adherent quality necessary for plating. The lacquer coating is maintained uniformly within 0.0005 of an inch (0.0127 mm). When properly stored, a Transco blank will not deteriorate with age.
Transco recording blanks are produces under strict, atmospherically controlled conditions, utilizing the most advanced manufacturing methods and equipment. Here, skilled technicians produce recording blanks which meet the most stringent recording an d plating needs. The unsurpassed quality of the Transco recording blank is visible in its flat and mirror like surface. Easy cutting characteristics, brilliant high frequency response, good tracking qualities, lack of audible background noise and long playback life are ensured.

Quality assurance
Inspectors with at least 10 years experience guarantee the delivery of high quality blanks.

Inspection involved three stages. First, incoming raw material analysis assures flatness and uniform diameter of the aluminum. Each batch of lacquer is test cut for quietness prior to use in production. Second, there is continuous monitoring durin g the manufacturing process. Third, the finished product is examined to verify perfect appearance and to assure consistent performance in cutting and plating. Each approved blank is labeled with its production date.

Audio Performance
Control samples from daily production runs are regularly cut and evaluated for noise level, chip behavior, groove appearance and stylus life. These samples are permanently filed for reference. Discs are also random selected and sent to well-known s tudios for cutting and then on to the plating plant for matrix evaluation.

A follow-up program begins once blanks are shipped to the customer. We continuously monitor the performance of our discs in the field.

Care is exercised in the packaging of Transco discs. All are individually separated by polyethylene spacers and channels, and are held firmly by a center pin. They are then sealed in dust proof wrapping and placed in octagon-shaped inner trays of d urable system design to simplify opening, storage and indexing while giving maximum protection.
Customer service
Transco's only business is the production of master recording blanks. We believe that optimum results can only be achieved through close customer contact. The immediate, knowledgeable response to the unique needs of the recording professional by al l at Transco underscores our commitment to satisfy your needs in every way possible.

PO Box 28
609 W. Elizabeth Avenue
Linden, New Jersey 07036
(908) 862-0030-33
(212) 732-4274
Export office:
875 Merrick Avenue
Westbury, New York 11590
(516) 683-3000
TELEX RCA 229011 SPR UR or WUI 6852051 SPC UW
West coast representative:
Diacoustic Laboratory
22923 DeKalb Drive
Calabasas, California 91302

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