Old photos of old lathes and equipment Fairchild stereo head mounted on a Scully Lathe

Fairchild stereo head mounted on a Scully Lathe. The Fairchild head was a vertical-lateral designed head. To acheive the 45-45 standard of cutting, the signals were sent as mono to the lateral coils and out of phase mono to the vertical coils.

Scully showing motor and belts

Scully Lathe showing belts and motor mount. The Westrex head mount is there, but no head.

The last of the Scullys

The last of the Scully Lathes, "The Lathe". Notice that the basic lathe is the same, but there are extra shock mounts, the turntable is belt driven from the rim, and the computer console is mounted on the table.

Ad for the Presto K-10

Advertisment for the Presto K-10 semi-professional recorder.

RCA MI-4887 Cutting Head

The RCA MI-4887 Cutting Head from about 1950. It could go to 10-Khz, but in the time I used one in the mid 70s, I couldn't get it to do any better than 3-khz.

Drawing of Westrex Head

A line diagram of the Westrex cutting head. This head, like most stereo heads is of a moving coil design. The coils are wound on lightweight magnesium cores. The wires are very fine, the drive coils being 39 gauge, and the feedback coils being 45 gauge - both smaller than a human hair. I wound these coils twice now, a task I highly recommend NOT doing.

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