Various Cutter Heads

Haeco head close upHaeco head assembled
These close-ups show the Haeco SC-2 stereo cutting head. On the left is a front view showing the linkages. The suction tube, hot stylus terminal block, and advanced ball have been removed. On the right all the parts are back on. The SC-2 is a Westrex clone. The coils are interchangable with the Westrex.

Heaco and Westrex heads side by side.
The upside-down Haeco compared with the Westrex. The Haeco has a larger magnet, and is taller than the Westrex, but the Westrex's magnet is deeper.

Cook F7
The Cook F7. I have no other information on it other than it's a mono feedback head with 500 ohm coils, and takes a long shank stylus. It was mounted on one of my Scullys, and has a range up to 15 khz with great output levels.

Cook F7 InsideCook F7 Inside
Internal view of the head. It's a balanced armature head with the drive coil at the bottom, and the feedback coil at the top. It uses two permenant magnets.

Webster headWebster head internal
The Webster head is a low end cutting head. It's non-feedback in design with an 8 ohm coil. The range is up to 5 khz, and the level tops out at 0 db. It's the kind of head I hooked up once and hated, but for $5.00, it was worth the try.

View the internal working of the Westrex head.

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