Base rate for editing per record:
Total program material in minutesCharge
20 minutes and under$10.00
Over 20, less than 30 minutes$15.00
30 minutes or more$20.00

In addition to the base rate, a charge of $2.50 per track will be charged.


Your source is for a 7" record with 5 songs, three on Side One, and 2 on Side Two. The songs are not in sequence on the DAT. Side A is 7:30, and Side B is 7:45. The total of both sides is 15:15, so $10.00 is the base rate. Additionally, there are 5 songs total at $2.50 per track totaling $12.50 in addition to the $10.00. The total editing charge would come to $10.00 + $12.50 = $22.50 for editing.

What sources will require editing?

  1. Any master sent in on a cassette or Reel to Reel. Cassettes require transfer to digital format and editing. Reels require either the same digital transfer, or in the case of pure analog format, reels require special handling as the tape machine needs to be hooked up, and the digital equipment needs to be patched out.

  2. Any compilation where any one side is on more than one source. One source per side where the songs are correctly sequenced and the spacing between songs are correct does not need editing.

  3. Any compilation where the songs are not in the correct order. CDR and Minidisk do not apply here as re-sequencing is done with a simple programming button.

  4. Any record where a song needs to be edited, such as removing drum clicks or crowd noise from the beginning or end of a song.

  5. Any record with locked grooves (repeating loops). Each locked groove counts as a track as it has to be individually edited.

  6. Data files such as WAV and MP3 files that are not in CD-Audio format. It needs to play in a standard CD player.

  7. CD Re-Recordables will also require a digital transfer, and the editing charges will apply.

What constitutes a correct source that won't need editing?

What about 24 and 32 bit audio files?

Mastering from 24 bit, up to 96kbps is available for an additional $25.00 fee. As long as the files are noted with times and order, no additional editing fees will apply.