1. Why are your prices are so low?
    Aardvark has been in business for 25 years. All the equipment is paid off, and we have no loans against anything. Since our operation doesn't have to facilitate customers off the street, we operate out of the owner's home. No rent is paid. Low fixed costs, savings to the customers.
  2. Why the name Aardvark?
    OK... When I was about 16 years old, I wondered why people always referred to to Ardvark as the first word. My father explained that it was spelled with a double A. I was never good at spelling. Technical stuff was my talent. As a joke, I called my cutting operation (which was strictly a hobby then) Aardvark, First! (in the dictionary). In 1985 when I purchased the professional cutting equipment, we were kicking around a couple of ideas. We lived on Zenobia street, so Zenobia Mastering was on the table along with Denver Masters and Colorado Mastering. My father passed away seven years before in 1978 at the age of 50, so in honor of my dad, who corrected my spelling, and helped me with my crazy electronic projects, we decided to go with Aardvark.
  3. Why do you have all these cartoons?
    In 1974, my room mate in college, Lowell, drew up the first notices for cutting records for fellow college students. He designed the Aardvark as a morphious of me and him, the droopy eyes, bushy eyebrows from me, and the ample middle from him. The Aardvark character reflects a major philosophy of Aardvark; have fun, don't take yourself too serious, and never sacrifice quality. Fun is the best thing to have.